Adidas duramo 7 đánh giá

You are looking for performance running shoes for your short training with great cushioning, comfort và stability? Adidas Duramo 7 will surely amaze you with updated features as well as improvements in this lachạy thử version of Adidas Duramo line. Here is some detailed information of the shoes. You should read carefully before making your decision.

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Adidas Duramo 7 - Highlight features & technologies

The AdiWEAR is an exclusively công nghệ from Adidas used in the outsole of the sản phẩm for improved durability. This công nghệ is also perfect in protecting the outsole from damage while running.
The Adidas Duramo 7 also has the TRAXION outsole with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane construction. This provides better traction và grip on uneven surfaces lượt thích off-roads và mountain trails, slippery environments and varied weather conditions.
The EVA midsole cushioning giải pháp công nghệ is effective sầu in offering comfort without adding more weight. The LITESTRIKE EVA midsole is flexible and lightweight which provides runners with a stable platform to lớn promote their performance on trails.
The cushioning in both the heel và forefoot is enhanced by the AdiPRENE công nghệ to give sầu a better midsole in performance shoes. The AdiPRENE material evenly spreads out to lớn prsự kiện discomfort while running as well as absorbs high degrees of impact from the ground.

This version is designed to enhance the shoes’ feel, fit, & performance compared khổng lồ previous model

Adidas Duramo 7 Running Shoes review


The soles are very soft, it said “super cloud” on them, and they don"t hurt my feet. Adidas re-designed the outsole in Duramo 7 from the 6th Mã Sản Phẩm with The ADIWEAR™ technology that delivers high durability against abrasion & wear, especially protects the rest of the sole unit from damaging effects of friction and surface contact.

You may be amazed with the insoles of these shoes. You can’t take them out because they are glued in. In fact, some runners like this kiến thiết since it guarantees the insoles will not slip around or come out.


The upper is seamless and has thin overlays. These combine with a fairly standard lacing system to lớn provide pretty snug fit. Plus, the shoes use wide laces for tighter knots. The material used to build up the upper is very breathable for all seasons. It is reviewed to lớn have more durability & function than one of the Duramo 6.


I looked for running shoes that offer significant padding & great performance & Duramo 7 met my demands. They are like a pillow on my feet and allow me lớn run, walk all day and workout at the thể hình without having aching feet. Plus, the comfort also allows me to lớn use them for running on various conditions & never suffered from blisters, except when wearing the wrong socks in extreme wet conditions.


I was really amazed with the cushioned fit the first time wearing them. The seamless upper of Duramo 7 with very thin overlays helps these shoes fit snug and nice. It is suitable for small to lớn medium widths. There is a lace system in order khổng lồ help you adjust the tightness in case you have sầu slender feet. These are not recommended for people with wide feet, but they will stretch out over time.


The Adidas Duramo 7 is considered neutral shoes that offer adequate cushioning khổng lồ relieve sầu discomfort in the feet when dealing with tracks & trails. The arch support of these shoes introduces lớn casual runners the real benefits of traditional running. In comparison with stability & motion control shoes, neutral shoes tkết thúc lớn promote a more natural running technique. Runners who have sầu barefoot running tendency should consider the Adidas Duramo 7 as a safe method to lớn train their feet. Besides, under pronators could take advantage of the Duramo 7. Its extra cushioning will help reduce shoông chồng reaching the lower leg, pressure on the joints or găng tay fractures caused by under pronation.

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It is well ventilated và odor-free. The breathable materials used khổng lồ make the upper always allow air to seamlessly come in the shoes lớn keep a dry và cool environment inside.


There is a balance between flexibility and stability of the shoes. In terms of stability, Duramo 7 is highly rated with its stability. Both men’s & women’s of this version scored 9 out of 10 at stability level. Stability also affects the transition from heel to lớn toes in addition to tư vấn.


In comparison with other best running shoes in the market, durability of Adidas Duramo 7 has lớn run behind these. However, with its low price, I think it is acceptable. Every part of the shoes is made of durable materials & serves casual runners well. I have sầu walked and run on all kinds of dirt, concrete & pavement & they still keep up. The small downside you should keep in mind for them to lớn last longer is that they are not water-repellent; therefore, if you constantly expose to lớn water, they might be damaged.


Aside from road, trail và traông chồng, the Adidas Duramo 7 also has the ability lớn handle road debris lượt thích branches, pebbles and uneven surfaces, thanks lớn its great traction and grip provided by top unique materials and technologies such as The ADIWEAR™ in the outsole.

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I run on various conditions and never have sầu blisters, except when I was wearing the wrong socks in extreme wet conditions. The hàng hóa is considered a great choice for training for casual runners và short-distance running on trails or tracks. They might not be as good as other performance Adidas shoes in terms of tốc độ & long-distance running. It is better lớn stichồng these shoes lớn the 10 km limit.

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The price of these shoes meets the expectation of budget-conscious runners. They come with a low price without sacrificing durability. This is an advantage of the shoes in the market aý muốn others that have the same features but higher prices.​


The weight of shoes often affects their purpose. Adidas Duramo 7 has a lower weight than its previous version thanks to lớn lighter materials; however, they are still heavy & only suit to normal training, treadmill running not for long running or racing.


The Duramo 7 has a few big changes compared to the Duramo 6. And I think these changes make the shoes look prettier and more attractive than the 6. There is a large selection of colors to lớn choose from. It is really impressing with the design. In terms of look, I don"t want shoes that are too plain looking or something too gaudy, either. This is the perfect median. They not only are for casual training, but also look good when combining with jeans in my daily activities. The pair looks better in reality than in picture.

Similar running shoes

On the market, there are many similar running shoes lớn Adidas Duramo. However, the Adidas Response Trail comes amazingly close khổng lồ the Adidas Duramo. You can even mistaken them at first. The AdiPRENE midsole và the EVA insole are also present in the Adidas Response Trail.

Plus, you can find The AdiWEAR & TRAXION công nghệ in the outsole for high durability & great traction.

However, in comparison with Adidas Duramo, these shoes are better when using on trails. Additionally, the Adidas Response Trail also has very similar construction khổng lồ the Adidas Duramo.

This Model is breathable và lightweight. The upper has reflective details & synthetic mesh layers which are also found in the upper of the Adidas Duramo. Especially, the shoes feature a padded ankle, which aims khổng lồ provide a more comfortable ride on rugged terrains.

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Previous versions ofAdidasDuramo 7

Adidas Duramo 6

Generally, Adidas Duramo 6 has the same construction as previous models, but comes with wider range of colors. The upper body of the shoes is also made from full grain synthetic leather & mesh layers with the Three Stripes on the sides. The Duramo 6 is neutral in terms of arch tư vấn, which means that these shoes are a good choice of neutral runners.

A great feature of Adidas Duramo 6 is adequate and very satisfactory cushioning placed in the essential areas of the shoes, which is always expected from any neutral running shoes. Despite extra cushioning added inkhổng lồ the shoes, Adidas doesn’t sacrifice its overall stability. Like its previous model, it also works well for runners who are consistently dealing with under-pronation. This type of runner always needs neutral arch supports và enough cushioning to support them during their running. Moreover, the shoe reduces the chances of getting over-pronation, too, which is ikhuyến mãi for using it on varied terrains.

Although due to lớn more arch support, the weight of these are increased, many runners still prefer this change because the increased weight is not too much while they can receive more support. The shoes have great traction và grip lớn be used on off-road trails, gravel roads, & on both even & uneven grounds. Through its firm grip, Adidas Duramo 6 provides runners with stability on most technical surfaces. It is better if you only use these for short-distance running which requires the utmost tư vấn and stability. Though the shoes have sầu some disadvantages, it is still chosen by neutral runners for their improved performance in short-distance running. Hope that in the newer edition, these downsides will disappear.​

Adidas Duramo 5

There are not many changes in the Adidas Duramo 5 in terms of structure compared lớn its previous version. These shoes come with a wide range of colors that allows you lớn have sầu the best pair in your favorite color. The new Duramo 5 seems lớn have the same durability as its previous Model but provides much better support for runners. The TRAXION technology found in the outsole improves the shoes’ traction control while the Flex Grooves provides runners with more natural foot movement. Other high quality technologies are also found in the shoes such as adiPRENE material or the LITESTRIKE EVA for excellent cushioning. All these features make it perfect for runners who are looking for comfort và stability running shoes.

​A topnotch durability created by various technologies combining with excellent structure and thiết kế is worth the value customers paid for. It can be used for any type of running on different surfaces và even unpredictable weather conditions. The small downside of the shoes is the heavy weight in both men và women versions. Reflective material is also featured on the upper providing security and safety that allow runners to run at night. With an excellent cushioning, stability and enough control, Adidas Duramo 5 is an igiảm giá choice for neutral runners. Despite the cushioning, runners still have natural feeling khổng lồ their run.

On the other h&, the cushioning of these is one of the most important factors under pronators need. It provides better amount of shock absorption khổng lồ reduce the risks of strains or injuries. Moreover, flexibility is enhanced in the 5th version also helps improve sầu pronation control & runners’ performance. The shoes are best to improve sầu performance in short distances và casual runs, but not for long distance runs as it can cause mild problems.

Adidas Duramo 4

Being designed with innovative features from Adidas, Adidas Duramo 4 is a great shoe with necessary flexibility, comfort, style, and support features. They are considered one of the best neutral shoes of Adidas. These have sầu a snug fit that always keep the feet in a safe và protected zone. A highlight feature of the shoes is their comfortable cushioning system provided by EVA molded midsole. The amount of cushioning is great in keeping the feet comfortable to lớn walk or run for long times. This gives a comfortable underfoot feeling while running. Plus, the added adiPrene in its midsole provides a not only comfortable and supportive but also responsive stride.

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The outer sole of these has high durability and at the same time provides great traction that allows the shoes khổng lồ be efficiently used on roads, trails, uneven rough roads & terrains. Adidas Duramo 4 is a popular choice for many runners who need cushioning & stability to get the best performance on the road. They will also find that these are safe & comfortable haven for their regular routines and casual running.

However, this is not for any athletic competitions or long distance running. Neutral runners are major customers of this line because of its stability và cushioning, also medial tư vấn will give these runners many benefits. In terms of arch tư vấn, the shoes fit neutral arches & can reduce under pronation. Another feature is reflective sầu kiến thiết that allows you khổng lồ run in the dark. In short, Adidas Duramo 4 is a comfortable, lightweight, và responsive running shoe.​

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