Dưới đây là những chủng loại câu gồm chứa trường đoản cú "aristocrat|aristocrats", trong bộ từ điển trường đoản cú điển giờ Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo hầu như mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong trường hợp cần để câu với trường đoản cú aristocrat|aristocrats, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ aristocrat|aristocrats trong cỗ từ điển từ điển giờ Anh

1. My father was a born aristocrat.

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2. Many aristocrats were killed in the French Revolution.

3. Thousands of aristocrats were guillotined during the French Revolution.

4. The aristocrat clings lớn the glory of his past.

5. Zawahiri, the vengeful Cairene aristocrat, was explicit about that.

6. Yet he was not a haughty aristocrat.

7. Mrs. Bertha Flowers was the aristocrat of đen Stamps.

8. The harried magazinist appeared as the tragic young aristocrat.

9. The world falls at her feet because she"s an aristocrat.

10. 15 These frontier men were the precise opposites of the tidewater aristocrats.

11. JohnGay"s 1728 play"The Beggar "s Opera"mockedthehypocrisy of lecherous aristocrats & politicians.

12. The company"s passenger lists glittered with film stars, aristocrats, writers, socialites, & tycoons.

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13. Egalitarian Rousseau lived out his life as the spoilt plaything of eccentric aristocrats.

14. He was promoted by the emperor, made an aristocrat, and be-came wealthy.

15. Nowadays bởi the politician và statesmen support a hanger-on of aristocrat?

16. They are identified under the names of Aristocrat, Regency, Infinity and Gateway.

17. Ginsei reveals that Genko is an aristocrat from the other world.

18. Moses had an upbringing that only an Egyptian aristocrat could receive.

19. His father was an aristocrat and member of the probboomersbar.comncial government.

20. This unfortunate aristocrat girl Penelope becomes this ancient curse fall guy.

21. This was opposed, not simply to lớn kings & aristocrats, but to the propertied minority.

22. All aristocrats idealise the common folk, as long as they keep stoking the boilers

23. Its founder was Paul Thiry, Baron d"Holbach, an aristocrat by acquisition not birth.

24. He was then only twenty-one, a callow aristocrat fresh from law school.

25. It was not the aristocrat but the yeoman who determined the nation"s policies.