Cách Đóng Chứng Từ Đẹp

HOW lớn STORAGE ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS Accounting vouchers are a means of proving và providing information about the formation of economic transactions, a basis for bookkeeping to lớn provide timely và prompt information lớn business leaders as a basis for Classification & synthesis accounting. So they <…>

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Late submission of tax returns can result in a fine of up to VND 25 million

A fine of between VND 15 million và VND 25 million will be imposed on the act of submitting tax declaration dossiers over 90 days after the deadline for filing the dossiers. must turn in. This is the regulation in Decree No. 125/2020/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations on taxes và invoices that have just been issued by the Government. ... See more

(TBTCO) - A fine of between VND 15 million and VND 25 million shall be imposed for submitting tax declaration dossiers over 90 days after the deadline for submission of dossiers. compulsory tax. This is the regulation in Decree No. 125/2020/ND-CP on sanctioning... ... See more

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Confessions of Vietnam Startup Wheel Champion: Abandon the model of "burning money after meeting Shark, applying the philosophy of "she sells sticky rice" khổng lồ successfully overcome the Covid-19 storm

"I personally see many startups that even thua thảm to the lady selling sticky rice in front of the house. The lady who sells sticky rice simply spends 10 dongs to make sticky rice & takes it home in the morning 11 dong is a profit, there is capital khổng lồ make sticky rice the next day lớn sell và save money. Many startups before the epidemic I saw every month at a loss, when the translation came, or struggled, or went bankrupt, many startups were still missing after the epidemic, the lucky startups could still điện thoại tư vấn for capital but also had lớn sacrifice cheap shares. As for the lady selling sticky rice, I saw that she was still standing during the epidemic season, always smiling because even selling more expensive, she never had to gọi for capital. I think the secret here is that her sticky rice is delicious & her cash flow is positive every day." ... See more

"There was a period when I thought starting a business was about having a good idea, attracting many users, raising a lot of capital... Now I realize that: Burn money. It"s easy, making money is hard. I see many startups even losing to lớn the lady selling sticky rice... ... See more

bboomersbar.com Tax agent wishes Entrepreneurs good health, clear minds, creating many jobs for society, joining hands khổng lồ promote economic development. . ... See more