Come Apart Là Gì

come apart at the seams


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To be approaching failure. Boy, this các buổi tiệc nhỏ is really coming apart at the seams. First, there was the issue with the caterer, & now half the guests aren”t coming.2. To become very emotional. Poor Jane really came apart at the seams during the funeral service. I can”t watch those sappy movies because I just come apart at the seams every time.See also: apart, come, seam

come apart at the seams

Also, come unglued or unstuck . Become extremely upset; break down. For example, After he lost his job Brad seemed to lớn come apart at the seams or The proposed ngân hàng merger is coming unglued, or When her last play flopped she became completely unstuông xã. This idiom transfers physical to emotional disintegration. See also: apart, come, seam

come apart at the seams

1. If a system or relationship comes apart at the seams it completely fails. Note: The seams of a piece of clothing are the places where the separate pieces of cloth used to lớn make it are stitched together. Our relationship was coming apart at the seams — we were quarrelling the whole time. Note: You can also say that something falls apart at the seams.

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Britain”s university system is in danger of falling apart at the seams because of cuts in government funding.2.

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come (or fall) apart at the seams

1 (of a thing) fall lớn pieces. 2 (of a person); have sầu an emotional breakdown; collapse. informal Seams are the lines along which pieces of fabric or the planks of a boat are joined, perceived as the points most likely to be damaged or weakened.See also: apart, come, seam

come/fall apart at the ˈseams

(informal) begin lớn fail or collapse: The Government’s economic policy is falling apart at the seams. ♢ After only six months, their marriage has come apart at the seams.If a piece of clothing comes apart at the seams, it begins khổng lồ separate along the lines where the pieces of cloth are sewn together.See also: apart, come, fall, seam

come apart at the seams, to

To become disordered; khổng lồ go to pieces. This graphic analogy khổng lồ a garment becoming, as it were, unsewn, is American & dates from the mid-twentieth century. “In a few instances when I thought that I would come apart at the seams . . . I managed to lớn make the director listen” (Josef von Sternberg, Fun in a Chinese Laundry, 1965, an account of making a movie).See also: apart, comeSee also:

come apart at the seams

Idiom(s): come apart at the seamsTheme: EMOTIONsuddenly khổng lồ chiến bại one”s emotional self-control. (Informal. Referring to a garment falling apart.)• Bill was so upphối that he almost came apart at the seams.• I couldn”t take anymore. I just came apart at the seams.

come apart at the seams|come|seams

v. phr., slang, informal To become upmix khổng lồ the point where one loses self-control và composure as if having suffered a sudden nervous breakdown. After his divorce Joe seemed to be coming apart at the seams. come a poor second come a poor third come a purler come aboard come about come a-cropper come across come across as (someone or something) come across as (something) to (one) come across lượt thích come across like (someone or something) come across with (something) come across with something come after come after (someone or something) come again come again? come alive come aloft come along come along for the ride come và get it Come và get it! come và go come apart come apart at the seams come apart at the seams, to lớn come around come as a revelation come as no surprise come as you are come as/be a revelation come at come at (someone or something) come at a price come at me come at me, bro come away come away empty-handed come away with come away with (one) come bachồng come bachồng (down) lớn earth come bachồng và see me come baông xã & see us come back anytime come baông chồng from the dead come baông xã to bite (one) come baông chồng khổng lồ earth to earth come baông xã to haunt (one) come bachồng to haunt one color scheme come a cropper come a long way come about come across come again come alive sầu come along come apart at the seams come at come back come back to lớn earth come between come by come by honestly come clean come down

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