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Consist, comprise and compose are all verbs used lớn describe what something is ‘made of’. We don’t use them in continuous forms. …
Eukaryotic cells during cell division construct contractile rings that are mainly composed of an actin-based cytoskeleton.
Then, students read four additional papers, one of which is composed of weak data và overinterpreted analysis.
The group which was most clearly closest to each other was composed of parents, children & siblings.
The valuations that have sầu composed a traditional canon have sầu become seen as partial, culturally loaded, & representative sầu of an elite minority.
By contrast, in the "central region" of the lordship some military tenancies were composed of multiple knights" fees, and were distributed over wide geographical areas.
Drawn with the urgent compulsiveness of the non-professional graffiti artist, composed chaotically, it acknowledges only the child/savage within the adult.
The economic landscape is thus composed to lớn begin with of a juxtaposition of circular cells, each comprising a town và its hinterlvà.
The runs are composed of genes for proteins involved in many different types of processes, from metabolic-related classes khổng lồ information-related ones.
Secondly, there can be no sense in insisting that the universe is composed of matter & not of ch"i.

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a special day or period, usually in memory of a religious sự kiện, with its own social activities, food, or ceremonies

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