Concierge Nghĩa Là Gì

someone who is employed in a khách sạn, private club, or similar place lớn help guests with anything they need, such as arranging trips or theatre tickets:
Other khách sạn staff who expect a tip include a concierge who books tickets for a show and a doorman who hails a xe taxi.

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someone employed by a large company khổng lồ vì chưng jobs, such as shopping, for other employees who are working:
Staff perks include a concierge, an ironing service, discounted concert tickets, and an on-site crebịt.
someone whose job is lớn help a writer with the process of publishing a book, especially a writer who is having the book published themselves rather than by a publishing company:
With a publishing concierge it is like having your very own industry expert there for all of your publishing needs.

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a person working in a hotel, etc. whose job is khổng lồ help guests, for example by giving them information about restaurants, local places to see, etc.:
Our concierges are experts on the area"s restaurants and can recommover the perfect place khổng lồ fit your tastes.
The findings suggest that the team needs to offer better continuity of care and might act as a concierge, an advocate, or a buddy.
Among the staff focus groups, a theme emerged that the team should act like a buddy system or concierge.
Officers who know the patch work with local people who live sầu there, often acting as concierges in blocks, with radquả táo, walkie-talkies, and so on.
We shall get the concierges & entry phones into lớn the high-rise flats, & we shall vì all in our power khổng lồ deter the offenders.
Does he have any evidence that concierges are able lớn prevent sub-letting of flats for illegal purposes?
On high-rise blocks some of the most effective ways of eliminating vandalism & break-ins have been the introduction of door-porters, or concierges.
We need not just physical barriers, but caretakers, porters & concierges to ensure that there is a human presence controlling entry.
Shopping concierges usually charge by time (hours or daily) or as a percentage or fixed price per shopping transaction.
Cab drivers would not travel lớn the area, and khách sạn concierges would no longer recommend the restaurant.
The station has two side platforms accommodating a pair of tracks, và is equipped with attended customer service concierges, automatic ticket vending machines, and accessible ramps.
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