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Big changes are afoot at NZXT. The company"s new H440 mid-tower chassis doesn’t have any bays for externally-facing 5.25-inch drives. The company assures us that there are plenty of features lớn take up that space & make your system look even better.

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In the place of those scrapped 5.25-inch bays, NZXT includes more interesting features in this chassis" thiết kế. For instance, hard drives are installed differently, there are power connectors for up lớn 10 fans, and the interior is compartmentalized. If you like your systems clean và tidy inside, the H440 is probably going lớn be right up your alley. Fittingly, the case’s biểu ngữ, straight from the manufacturer’s trang web, is "Remarkably Clean."

Although it sold out fairly quickly after launch, the H440 is now available again online for $1đôi mươi in blaông xã và $140 in trắng.

NZXT’s H440 features an elegant thiết kế with lighting that looks good and serves a practical purpose. Enthusiasts who can live sầu without 5.25-inch drive bays and are in the market for a quiet (albeit not silent) enclosure with lots of features will find NZXT"s H440 khổng lồ be both quality and elegant.

Packaging and In The Box

When we received the H440 from NZXT, it hadn"t yet been made public. Consequently, our sample didn"t arrive in retail packaging, rendering us unable to lớn unbox the case & introduce its bundle piece by piece.

NZXT"s manual hadn’t been printed yet, so we only got a pile of screws, an above-average number of cable ties, a bit to lớn help with motherboard spacer installation, and an NZXT sticker made from stiff metal foil.

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Technical Specifications & Front Panel

ManufacturerNZXTModelTypeDimensions (HxWxD)WeightMaterialsForm FactorDrive BaysPCI SlotsFansOptional Water CoolingCPU CoolerGraphics CardPower nguồn SupplyCable ManagementPrice
51 x 22 x 47.6 cm
Approximately 10 kg
Plastic, steel
ATX, microATX, mini-ITX
6 x 2.5" or 3.5"2 x 2.5" (Above sầu the PSU)
Fan hub with 10 x three-pin connectorFront: 2 x 14 cm or 3 x 12 cm; 3 x 12 centimet (1200 RPM) includedTop: 2 x 14 cm or 3 x 12 cm; none includedRear: 1 x 14/12 cm; 1 x 14 cm (1000 RPM) included
Front: Up khổng lồ 28/36 centimet radiator Top: Up khổng lồ 28/36 cm radiatorRear: 14 centimet radiator
Up to 18 cm
Up to lớn 30/40 centimet, including protruding cables (with/without hard drive bays)
Up khổng lồ 40 cm, including protruding cables
1.77 to 3.25 cm
$1trăng tròn (Black)$140 (White)

Up top, the NZXT H440 features two USB 3.0 & two USB 2.0 ports, as well as the requisite HD Audio connectors, all of which are clearly marked with fittingly modern labels. The power and remix buttons are located on the far-left side of the case"s top.

Controls for the optional case lighting are moved to the top of the enclosure"s back in order khổng lồ maintain the smooth, uninterrupted appearance of the most visible panels.


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