Mem Nào Đang Sử Dụng Bộ Đôi St Trên Hàng

Bayern Munich"s Thomas Muller has joined the untradeable collection via a limited-time squad building challenge.

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Player Moments Muller Information

This Player Moments card has been brought in to celebrate the German"s 123rd-minute winner in the 2013/14 DFB Cup Final against Borussia Dortmund.

Here is everything that you need khổng lồ know.

Start và Expiry Date

Start Date: Saturday, February 27 - 6pm GMT
Expiry Date: Friday, March 26 - 6pm GMT

Requirements và Rewards

EA is asking for two squads in return for the 89-rated version of the Bayern favourite.

Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack


Bundesliga Players: Minimum OneSquad Rating: Minimum 86Team Chemistry: Minimum 55
Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Costs

At the time of writing, the estimated costs for this Thomas Muller Player Moments SBC are as follows.

PlayStation: 290kXbox: 270k

Player Review

Around the 300k mark is the asking price for this Thomas Muller thẻ, but how does it fare against others in his price range?

The biggest change that you will spot straight away is the massive boost to lớn Muller"s pace, +17 from his base thẻ lớn be exact.

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Now, this is hugely significant for those wanting khổng lồ play Muller in a more advanced role (CF/ST) as the German now has the ability lớn make those runs in behind và go toe to lớn toe with the opposition centre baông chồng.

+10 to Muller"s dribbling (88 OVR) và +12 lớn his physicality (83 OVR) means that the Bayern man is now one of the most well rounded attacking midfielders in the Bundesliga.


The other significant tăng cấp comes with Muller"s skill moves, which have jumped up to lớn 4* for the first time in his FIFA career - even his 99-rated pro player card from FIFA 18 had 3* skills.

It"s a nice touch from EA to lớn hand the German an upgrade which is sure lớn make hyên ổn much more popular with the FIFA community.

In terms of value, we feel 300k is about right for a thẻ that can be linked to a variety of other top-tier players - including the Flashback Kroos thẻ which has recently hit the SBC market. may receive a small commission if youcliông chồng a link from one of our articles onlớn a retailwebsite & make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate,we earn from qualifying purchases. For moreinformation, see our Cookie Policy. All priceslisted were accurate at the time of publishing.