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The Sennheiser HD 600 is considered a one of the best neutral headphone. This headphone, after over 20 years still delivers true audiophile sound unique. The HD 600 is perfect for critical listening & at a very affordable price. In this Sennheiser HD 600 review, we will cover the specs, build quality, comfort và fit, sound unique và a quichồng comparison to lớn different headphones. You can also check out how the HD 600 stacks up in our lists of the best open back headphones or our best budget audiophile headphones.

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So, with that, let’s begin.

Sennheiser HD 600 Specs

Driver type: Dynamic driver Driver size: 40milimet Headphone type: Open-Back Ear coupling: Circumaural Impedance: 300 ohms Sensitivity: 97dB Frequency response: 12 – 39000Hz Pads: Replaceable/ Velour pads Headphone Connector: Sennheiser 2 pin on the tai nghe side và a 6.3milimet jachồng on the other kết thúc Cable length: 3m Màu sắc options: Blaông chồng Headphone weight: 260g or 9.1 ounces (without cable)


Looks & build quality

The Sennheiser HD 600 has an outstanding build chất lượng. The HD600 features mostly a hard plastic in its build. The plastic, which is quite unique, & has a speckled stone/ marble thiết kế with the colors blachồng & blue. The plastic surrounds the earcups & is used for the headband. Though the majority of this headphone is made from plastic, it does not make the tai nghe any cheaper. The chất lượng of the plastic & the build quality are quite good in my opinion.

The earcups of the HD 600 are open & feature a blaông xã steel mesh that protects the tai nghe driver from damage. The pads are memory foam padded và are covered with velour, which gives them a soft and comfortable feel. The pads are replaceable, & if they are worn out over time, the replacements are available to lớn buy online. The headband is also memory foam padded but has ridges that make it very comfortable lớn sit on the head.

The good và biggest advantage of the HD600’s kiến thiết & build is every part of this tai nghe can be replaced by the owner if it breaks. This, however, excludes the tai nghe driver. Though I have sầu not heard the experience of replacing a part of the headphone due to lớn a fault, I have sầu read about other user Đánh Giá where replacement is easy. This makes me feel much better because I can fix the tai nghe myself especially when the warranty is out of date.

The Sennheiser HD 600 Open-Baông chồng Design | Val D’Aquila

Comfort & Fit


Different things make a tai nghe comfortable. The weight of the Sennheiser HD600 makes this headphone very comfortable. The HD 600 weighs 9.1 ounces. The HD 600 weighs relatively the same as the HD 650. At the current weight, the testing team could not help but notice how the weight of this headphone contributed khổng lồ the overall comfort of the headphone.

Earcups and Headband

The HD 600 can be worn for long listening sessions without getting fatigued. This is all thanks khổng lồ the soft and plush earpads & headband of this headphone. The memory foam in the earpads makes the headphone sit comfortably, & the earcups have enough space & deep enough to accommodate the ears. The velour material cover over the earpads gives the tai nghe a soft and breathable layer, which does not get or feel hot after extended use.

The Velour pads make the Headphone very comfortable | Val D’Aquila

The headb& padding & material cover are also actually soft và very comfortable. The ridges in the headband come handy, as they are very good in distributing the pressure of the headphone và making them feel secure on the head. While wearing the headphone, you can bend down, walk around or getting something down while still wearing the tai nghe. The headphone’s headb& also offers enough adjustability to fit a wide variety of head shapes và sizes.

The HD 600 headb& with a speckled stone/ marble kiến thiết | Val D’Aquila

Clamping Pressure

The clamping force of the Sennheiser HD 600 at first is very high. Though most people in forums point this out, you can wear this tai nghe for long sessions without feeling discomfort. However, though the clamping force is high at first, with time & regular use of the headphone, the clamping force reduced to lớn be very comfortable.


Audio Quality

The Sennheiser HD 600 is known for a transparent và balanced sound signature. For me, the HD 600 is a neutral sounding headphone. In short, the Sennheiser HD 600 gives out what you feed it without adding or changing much in your music. Therefore, if you play crappy records, it will reproduce crappy sound. On the h&, if you play a good record, it will give sầu out good sound.

The overall sound of the HD 600 is slightly warm and smooth sounding. When the HD 580 first came along it was a good sounding tai nghe. The HD 600 is very similar to lớn the HD 580 but more refined and better sounding. The HD 650 though similar sounding to the HD 600 tries to be fun by adding bass to the overall sound signature.

So, with that said, let us get into lớn a detailed reviews of the HD 600’s sound signature.

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Low-End (Bass)

The Bass response of the Sennheiser HD 600 is overall great. The detail of the bass is very good, but overall it lacks quantity. While most people think the HD 600 lacks bass, I think it gives out what you feed it. If you play a record with good bass, the HD 600 will bởi a great job of trying to lớn reproduce it. Though the HD 600 does not have sầu a boosted bass lượt thích say the X2’s, the bass response is well extended & as earlier stated has detail.

The bass does not muddy up the other frequencies & the transition to lớn the midrange is very is very good. Though the bass response is good, if you are looking lớn get this headphone for bassy related music genres, you might want lớn look elsewhere. Other than that, they are suitable for any different music genres.

Mids và High-End (Treble)

Vocals, acoustic instruments, bowed instruments, you name it, & The HD 600’s midrange is very organic & comes out with clarity. The midrange is what the Sennheiser HD 600 is famous for and this for a very good reason. They are very detailed & well balanced enough khổng lồ be considered reference unique.

The treble of the Sennheiser series, particularly the 595s, HD 600, và HD 650 have sầu been a point of controversy amuốn most headphone enthusiasts. Most claim they have sầu a “veiled treble” which is a way of describing a lack of energy in the treble making them come out as muffled or obstructed.

However, after getting some time with the Sennheiser HD 600, I honestly find the details representation of the treble to be good. With some recordings, the treble does get overemphasized & harsh to lớn the ears but still overall; this headphone has clear, well-balanced, & precise highs.

Soundstage và Imaging

The soundstage of this headphone is decent but not big or wide. I would put it that the soundstage và details are well-balanced reacác mục & just right.

Because the imaging goes hand in hvà with the soundstage, the HD 600 does great work in reproducing the imagery with the even though the soundstage is not that wide. In our tests, picking out the position of different instruments and where the sound is coming from (in front or behind) came with ease.

You can actually see the driver through the earcup’s mesh | Val D’Aquila


Do you need an amplifier for the Sennheiser HD 600? This might be one of the commonly asked questions about this tai nghe. Though the impedance of this headphone is quite a significant number, 300 ohms, you will be surprised at how the HD 600 is easy to drive.

If you are starting out, my suggestion would be to use the tai nghe amplifier you have at your disposal first before getting a dedicated headphone amplifier for this headphone.

The HD 600 tai nghe jaông xã | Val D’Aquila

Package and Accessories

The packing of the Sennheiser HD 600 is pretty standard, especially at its price. In the package, there is a box with the Sennheiser biểu tượng logo on top. The box is made of cardboard & comes with metal hinges khổng lồ open the lid.

In the box, the Sennheiser HD 600 sits in the foam, which holds it in place. Just below the headphones, there is the cable of the tai nghe & its 3.5mm to lớn 6.3milimet adapter. The package also includes a manual.

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The cable included is like the one that comes with the Sennheiser HD 580. The cable is standard & looks cheap unlike the cable of the HD 650, which is much more solid. However, the cable length is good, & luckily, it is replaceable.

The Sennheiser HD 600 in their original packaging | Val D’Aquila

What we like:

Good build qualityModular partsLightweight & comfortableDetailed & neutral sound qualityAffordable and budget friendly

What we don’t:

Needs amplification to lớn sound bestThe cable provided could be betterTight clamp at first

Comparison Table

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