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We speak khổng lồ Ben Waller who"s been shooting with the Sony Cyber-shot W830, a budget camera with a 20mp sensor and 8x optical zoom.

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Sony DSCW830 Digital Compact Camera - Black (20.1MP, 8x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch L


Ben Waller has been shooting with the Sony Cyber-shot W830 for over 2 years, và has shared his photos and thoughts on the compact Sony Cyber-shot W830. The W830 features a Zeiss branded 8x optical zoom lens, a 20mp CCD sensor, & a compact camera body toàn thân, making it easy lớn take with you. The W830 is available from around £95.

Sony Cyber-shot W830 Features


From Ben Waller: I have sầu worked in the photographic industry for a number of years, with extensive experience of wet developing & printing.What I want from a compact camera: (D)SLR lượt thích results – I know this is unrealistic.Why I like compact cameras: It doesn't matter how good your camera gear is if you haven't brought it with you, because if it's too big you may as well not have it. I lượt thích that they are smaller and portable and you can take them anywhere without noticing any extra weight.What I use it for: Mostly photos for Facebook when out on motorcycle rides.

The Sony Cyber-shot W830 features a Zeiss branded 8x optical zoom lens, with Sony Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation, và the lens is equivalent khổng lồ 25-200mm in 35milimet terms.


The camera has a 20.1 megapx CCD sensor, 720p (1280x7đôi mươi pixels) video recording, & 360 panoramic shooting. Intelligent Auto lớn makes it easy for beginners, and there are a number of scene modes. You can adjust the ISO speed, there's face-detection focus và a built-in flash.

On the bachồng is a 2.7inch screen with 230K dots. The camera weighs just 120g with battery & memory thẻ. It measures 93.1 x 52.5 x 22.5milimet making it very compact.

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Key Features

8x optical zoom lens, f/3.3-6.3, Zeiss Vario-TessarSony SteadyShot - Optical image stabilisation2.7inch screen, 230K dots5centimet macro focusIntelligent AutoISO80 to ISO3200720p HD đoạn Clip recording360 sweep panoramicAvailable in black, silver, pink, purple

Sony Cyber-shot W830 Handling


The Sony Cyber-shot W830 has a plastic camera toàn thân, with a metal effect. The mode switch on the back lets you switch between pholớn, panoramic mode, and video clip recording. There's a playbaông xã button to lớn switch to playbaông xã mode.

From Ben Waller: The camera takes a full-sized SD card - not a huge issue as I have several adaptors but I was expecting it to take a microSD, most smartphones and action cameras vày these days.

Sometimes the camera has remained on with USB connected to lớn the computer after the computer has been shut down. This has led to missed photos due khổng lồ a flat battery.

The camera weighs just 120g with battery và memory card, and thanks to its compact kích thước it will fit into lớn even small pockets, making it easy lớn take with you anywhere you go. Battery life is rated at 210 shots, which is fairly standard for a compact camera, however charging the camera is easy, as you can simply use the provided USB cable and plug it in anywhere there is a USB socket.


Sony Cyber-shot W830 Performance

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