Customer reviews: sony xb30 portable bluetooth speaker

You can take the party anywhere with the great sound và built-in multi-color light show of the Sony SRS-XB30 công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speaker.

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Sony"s new SRS-XB30 speaker features great sound, a multi-color LED light ring & easy pairing for NFC-equipped phones. The optional "Extra Bass" setting does a great job of kicking it up a notch if you"re all about the bass.





Lights: I know some may find this gimmicky, but I really lượt thích the lights on this speaker. There is the outer ring that surrounds the speaker on the front that changes different colors and two white LED “strobe” lights on either side. You can phối the lights khổng lồ dance with the music, phối a more calming lighting effect or turn off the lights completely by using the SongPal tiện ích. The lights really to add a bit of a buổi tiệc ngọt atmosphere và helps this speaker st& out from other brands.Bass booster: A quiông xã press of “Extra Bass” button substantially increases lows and adds a great bass effect, especially considering the size of this speaker. However, it can make some songs sound a little “muddy” with an overemphasis on lows.NFC pairing: If your phone features an NFC chip, it can be used to quickly pair khổng lồ this speaker with a tap.Speakerphone support: You can answer incoming calls on this speaker by tapping the “phone” button. I tested this out & my frikết thúc said the sound chất lượng was very good & he could hear me fine. However, if I stepped too far to one side, the noise cancellation feature seems to kick in & makes my voice harder khổng lồ hear, so be sure you’re in front of the speaker while using the phone feature.

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Siri/Google Assistant support: You can also gọi up Siri or Google Assistant by tapping the phone button & speaking a commvà.công nghệ Bluetooth không dây standby: A chất lượng feature of this speaker is that you can leave sầu it plugged in to an AC outlet & it will automatically turn on when you start playing music on your phone. It will go into lớn standby mode (waiting for the next time you play music) if nothing plays for a period of time. This feature can be enabled in SongPal tiện ích.Charge your phone: The speaker has a USB port on the baông xã. You can use your own charging cable lớn plug into this port and charge your phone while the speaker is on. This would obviously decrease the runtime of the speaker, but it can come in handy in a pinch.Aux in: Non-công nghệ Bluetooth không dây devices can be used by using an audio cable with stereo mini plugs (not included).


No battery life indicator on iOS: Many newer công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speakers display their battery màn chơi on the iPhone/iPad status bar, so you can see when your speaker needs recharged. This Sony XB30 speaker does not vày that, although you can use the SongPal app lớn find it (it’s buried under the Settings option in the app). You can also hold down the “phone” button for about 3 seconds and the speaker will announce its current charge.

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Buggy SongPal app: This speaker seems khổng lồ use a separate Bluetooth không dây connection when using the app, as I frequently receive sầu messages from the SongPal app that my speaker needs to lớn be paired even while it is currently streaming music from the same device. I’ve also seen multiple instances of the speaker appear in the tiện ích even though I’m only using one, so it looks like the SongPal app has some kinks lớn work out.

Overall, the sound unique và built-in lights of the Sony SRS-XB30 công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speaker are sure lớn keep you entertained. You can start the các buổi party anywhere!

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