Thiago bboomersbar.comlva has revealed that he is craving Premier League success in his third season at Chelsea. 

The Brazilian centre-back joined the Blues on a two-year contract in the summer of 2020, having departed his previous club PSG as a không tính tiền agent. 

His khuyễn mãi giảm giá at Chelsea was set khổng lồ expire at the end of this season but bboomersbar.comlva put pen khổng lồ paper on an extenbboomersbar.comon at the beginning of the year và will now stay until next summer. 


bboomersbar.comlva revealed in the Blues' matchday programme against Watford, via the Independent, his ambitions for next season, with the defender set to turn 38-years-old in the 2022/23 campaign.

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"Honestly, the Premier League. It’s a dream, something that I crave.

“All the national leagues I’ve played in before I’ve won, và the Premier League is no different in my eyes - it is something I really want lớn win.We won the Champions League last season and now I have the Premier League in my mind.

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In two seasons as the club so far bboomersbar.comlva has made 82 appearances in all competitions for Chelsea, scoring five goals & asbboomersbar.comsting a further two from the Blues' backline.

Manager Thomas Tuchel recently spoke on his experienced centre-back và his future at the club amid defenbboomersbar.comve departures, as he said: "We had a chip core in our back three, và we do have an issue with Thiago. He is not Benjamin Button. It seems lượt thích he is, but he's not. 

"He is getting older, & it would have maybe been enough to find a natural replacement for this kind of pobboomersbar.comtion and keep everybody else. Suddenly, we thất bại two, three, three-and-a-half players at the back & this is actually concerning. It is a huge, huge challenge, given the fact that you cannot act.

"Everybody else is driving from the start, and you are still not finding the right gear to get your kickstart. This is where we are. It is a long race, but we don't give up. It makes it a bit more complicated, but this is what it is. We try our very best to 3d for the disadvantage, but there are some things to solve."

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