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Manufacturer specificationsFlexibility: StiffFrame: Hi-Resilient Modulus Graphite + TERS + Hard Cored TechnologyShaft: Hi-Resilient Modulus Graphite + TERS + PYROFIL + 6.8 ShaftHead Shape: IsometricBalance: Even BalanceWeight/Grip Size: 3U G4, 5 và 4U G5Made in Taiwan
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đánh giá RacketOur Reviews racket is 4U, G5. Since the racket comes unstrung, we strung the racket with our favorite strings, the Yonex Nanogy 98 at 25 lbs. A Karakal PU grip was wrapped over the factory fitted grip.

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Initial impressionsVictor has advertised this racket as a high speed racket with advanced Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS) and new upgraded AERO-SWORD. The AERO-SWORD frame structure has said khổng lồ reduce air resistance which allows a faster & better hitback. According to Victor, the TERS adopts aerospace-màn chơi materials to lớn stiffen the frame improving elastiđô thị and provides a more efficient force transmission with stable controllability during fast attachồng and defense. The racket uses a material called Pyrofil carbon fiber which offers the racket excellent shoông chồng absorption & enhances control. The shaft is stiff in nature as advertised. The racket comes in an attractive sầu design with florescent Yellow, Dark Grey, Silver and some Blue thrown-in. The kiến thiết will go well with all age groups.Although the kiến thiết is attractive sầu, when we first held it in our hands, we did not lượt thích the paint quality on the racket. The high over paint job of a Yonex (top end) racket was missing from this racket. Since this is a top kết thúc racket from Victor we were expecting a bit more attention on the paint finish. The racket feels even balanced & the isometric shape is not as prominent as the isometric shape found in Yonex rackets. The even balanced nature of the racket will make you feel comfortable immediately.
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The very first…Smash – Sufficiently powered và accurateDrop – Accurate with good controlClear – Easy lớn hitDefense – SmoothLong Term Usage ReviewPowerThe racket generates a decent amount of power and our smashes were very accurate with a nice hitting sound. Our only gripe was that the power was not up to lớn the màn chơi at which we had expected the racket to lớn perform. As compared khổng lồ a Yonex Arcsaber 11, the racket did generate more power but as compared to lớn a Yonex Duora 10, the racket scored lower. Both Arcsaber 11 & Duora 10 are even balanced rackets. The sweet spot of the racket is fairly huge & even a mishit can generate decent power.

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DefenseThe racket is brilliant in defense và is fairly quick through the air. Although not as quichồng as the Victor Brave sầu Sword 15, but we were able to lớn defend those hard hitting smashes quickly & with high cấp độ of accuracy. Victor Brave sầu Sword 15 is quichồng but control is a weak area of that racket. Victor has been able lớn find the right balance of control & speed with the Jettốc độ S12. It was indeed a treat to defover with this racket during those grueling doubles matches.ControlOn the control front the racket performed much higher than our expectations. It has a huge sweet spot và be it a drop shot or a clear the racket performed very well. The net play with this racket is smooth and accurate. Because of the quick frame the flats were easy to lớn hit, had decent power lớn tư vấn it và the control was bang on.

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RecommendationThis racket is a wonderful racket for all round play. With decent power, amazing control and defense we are ready to lớn let go the few negatives it has like the doggy paint finish & minor lack of power. You will not go wrong by purchasing this racket. You might get this racket for as low as Rs. 6500-7000 and we feel it’s a steal at this price point.

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