Eset là gì và sử dụng phần mềm eset có tốt không

I spent 30 days testing ESET’s antivi khuẩn packages to see how they compare to lớn other top antivirus packages on the market today.

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Overall, ESET provides a powerful anti-malware scanner, several additional security features, & an intuitive sầu user interface for Windows, Mac, Android, & Linux users.

ESET’smalware scanner is really advanced. It uses heuristics & machine learning lớn identify malware, and its cloud-based scanning barely slowed down my computer, even during full system scans.

ESET also offers some decent extra features, lượt thích device encryption, advanced diagnostic tools, and anti-theft protection. Some of these extras are pretty good, but competitors likeNortonvà McAfee have antivi khuẩn packages with more useful tools (virtual private networks (VPNs), identity theft protections, and better parental controls).

There are a wide range of ESET packages khổng lồ choose from, and they all offer the same simple and intuitive antivi khuẩn engine, with good customer tư vấn & a few really good features. While I think there are better antivirus packages out there, ESET is not a bad choice, especially if you just need a high-powered antivi khuẩn engine.

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ESET Security Features

Anti-Malware Engine


ESET’s anti-malware scanner is one of the best on the market today —it caught 100% of the malware in my testing, including ransomware, trojans, spyware, and rootkits. ESET’s scanner uses an extensive sầu malware database khổng lồ detect known malware files, as well as advanced heuristics và machine learning to lớn catch zero-day threats that aren’t yet on a database.

ESET offers three different options for virus scans:

System Scan. Scan every single tệp tin on your computer, including running processes, program files, system files, và cached files.Custom Scan. Drag and drop suspicious files, or choose to examine a specific folder.Removable Device Scan. Scan thumb drives, external hard drives, phones, or any other removable device.

ESET’s system scan took almost 6 hours on my computer for its first scan, which is incredibly slow. It’s supposed khổng lồ memorize safe files và run extremely fast after the first scan, but it still took 3 hours for subsequent system scans. By contrast, system scans from Norton take an average of 2 hours.


Most antiviruses offer a quiông xã scan option for temporary files, downloads, and registries where malware is typically found, và I wish that ESET would offer this kind of rapid scanning option.

Fortunately, ESET’s scanner has one of the lowest CPU loads of any antivi khuẩn I’ve tested. This is because it uses a cloud-based malware database lớn offload most of the scanning lớn ESET’s secure servers. I didn’t experience any slowdown on my computer during these system scans,which is pretty impressive when compared to competitors likeBullGuard, which can cause significant computer slowdown during scans.

ESET also includes a “Host-Intruder Prevention System (HIPS)” lớn detect suspicious behavior from saved files. HIPS blocks threats like ransomware & rootkits before they can make changes to your system.

ESET’s HIPS was really effective in my testing— it detected every ransomware and rootkit thử nghiệm tệp tin before those files had a chance lớn make changes on my PC. Some behavior blocking tools are way too vigilant, often flagging genuine programs, butESET’s HIPS barely had any false positives in my testing.HIPS also offers custom settings so advanced users can manage permissions & exclusions and then decide what to lớn vì chưng with flagged suspicious programs.


ESET’s antivi khuẩn engine also includes a gaming mode. The gaming mode suspends scans and notifications so you can use your computer with zero interruptions. ESET automatically enters gaming mode when any program enters full screen, and you can also toggle gaming mode ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want. While I think there are better antiviruses for gaming, ESET’s gaming mode performed well, with a low CPU load and no impact on my PC’s framerate.

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Secure Browser + Web Protection

ESET also protects users online with several mạng internet security features, such as:

Firewall. Protects network ports from hackers and gives notifications about suspicious activity.Secure browser. Encrypts all keystrokes entered in the browser window, so you can securely enter payment information without worrying about keyloggers stealing your data.Webcam protection. Blocks malware & suspicious sites from accessing your webcam without your permission.Anti-phishing. Identifies harmful sites based on a phishing database, as well as Javascript analysis khổng lồ detect invasive website scripts.Spam filter. Blocks suspicious emails for computers with the Microsoft Outlook tiện ích.Connected home page monitor. Identifies every device in your network and flags unsafe activity.

ESET’s anti-phishing feature successfully caught almost every site in my testing, including newer sites that Chrome’s built-in phishing protections missed. The firewall also worked really well, blocking my chạy thử files from establishing connections with unsafe proxy servers.

The Connected trang chủ Monitor is a useful tool which shows every device logged inlớn your trang chính Wi-Fi network. I’ve sầu had issues with people stealing my Wi-Fi in the past, so I appreciate being able khổng lồ see which devices are on my network at any given time.


However, the rest of ESET’s internet security features didn’t impress me much. The secure browser supposedly encrypts your keystrokes, but that doesn’t provide protection from screen loggers — and many keylogging programs can steal your data straight from your keyboard before it gets encrypted in the browser. And the spam filter seems unnecessary to me — it only works for Microsoft Outlook, which already has a good spam filter — and also, Outlook is far from the most popular tin nhắn service. The webcam protection didn’t vì chưng very well in my testing either, allowing me lớn enable my webcam on several sites without ESET giving me any notifications.

ESET’s anti-phishing và network protections are great, but the rest of their web protections are just okay. I would love sầu lớn see ESET enhance their website protections by offering something like a VPN, which competitors likeNortoncurrently includein their antivirut packages.

But if you’re only looking for basic online security, ESET’s firewall, anti-phishing features, and Wi-Fi monitoring are good enough.

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Advanced Diagnostics


ESET’s advanced diagnostic tools are really impressive sầu.

I really like the Running Processes feature — it helped me identify và clear out some old drivers that had been running on my system for years.

Running Processes is basically an enhanced version of Windows Task Manager. It offers the same information about CPU & RAM usage as Task Manager does, along with reputation rankings for each process, so you can see if any suspicious files are running on your system. ESET also shares the tải về date & developer information for third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ processes, so you can more easily figure out what’s running on your system.

ESET also offers a bunch of other diagnostic features, but the SysInspector is my favorite. ESET’s SysInspector basically makes a full report on your entire system, & it did not disappoint.


It detailed every single file, driver, scheduled task, network connection, & registry entry on my computer in a matter of minutes.Having this report on h& is extremely useful — anytime I have system issues or malware breaches in the future, I can refer to this full system report to figure out what’s going wrong with my system. If you’re not an advanced user, it’s still a valuable resource if you ever need an IT professional khổng lồ inspect your system.

ESET’s advanced diagnostic tools are some of the best on the market — they help users easily identify issues on their computer, schedule malware scans, và analyze suspicious files. They’re great for advanced users or anytoàn thân looking to lớn get a closer look at their computer’s inner workings.

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Password Manager

ESET’s password manager comes bundled with the premium version of the sản phẩm. It’s pretty good, but it’s not as good as many other third-buổi tiệc nhỏ password managers.

ESET uses 256-bit AES secure encryption lớn protect your logins on encrypted servers, & it can sync passwords between all of your devices, as long as those devices have sầu ESET installed on them.

ESET’s password manager uses a browser extension that installs in Chrome, Firefox, và Edge. The browser extension worked perfectly in my testing, auto-saving và auto-filling logins without any errors or confusion.


Unfortunately, I vị have sầu some complaints with ESET’s password manager. While ESET allows users lớn import password vaults from Chrome, Firefox, và Edge,it only imports passwords from 5 different third-các buổi party password managers. I was recently testing Bitwarden andRememBear,which are both popular password managers, but ESET couldn’t import my passwords from either of those programs. This is a pretty big downside for anytoàn thân transitioning to lớn ESET from an unsupported password manager.

ESET’s password manager just isn’t as useful as most third-tiệc ngọt products.Password managers like DashlaneandKeeperoffer helpful additional features lượt thích password vault auditing, breach monitoring, password sharing between users, and emergency access. ESET’s password manager doesn’t provide any of these.

ESET’s password manager is decent, butI’d recommover most users avoid ESET’s password manager and get a third-buổi tiệc ngọt password managerthat includes more useful features.

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Anti-Theft Protections


ESET’s anti-theft protections are pretty good. ESET’s online anti-theft dashboard offers a variety of tools to lớn help users traông chồng & secure their lost or stolen devices. Here’s what you can vày with ESET’s anti-theft tools:

Remote screen capture and camera access.Allows users lớn see what’s happening on their lost or stolen device, và even get an image of the person using their device.Phantom trương mục.This giả trương mục lets thieves log inkhổng lồ your device without a password, while keeping them from accessing any of your sensitive files.Browsing history và IP address.Figure out what thieves are searching for & traông chồng your device’s location based on their IP address. This is helpful for laptops that don’t use GPS location sharing.

These anti-theft protections are very useful for both laptops và điện thoại devices — some iOS và Android antiviruses include theft protections, but most antivirus competitors don’t include anti-theft features for computers.

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Parental Controls

ESET’s parental controls are pretty basic. There’s a simple content filter, which is supposed to lớn automatically screen specific nội dung online based on your child’s age.The content filter didn’t work very well on my computer. I used my daughter’s trương mục (she’s 9) andI was still able to lớn look up từ khóa lượt thích “drugs”, “sex”, & “violence” on YouTube — and the content filter prevented me from accessing a Google tìm kiếm for the word “cats” because of advertisements.


Parental controls from companies like NortonandBitdefender include app limitations, scheduled usage, geo-fencing, và many other useful features to lớn keep kids safe on their devices. ESET doesn’t provide any of these parental control features, và their content filter feels lượt thích a poorly tacked-on extra.

If you’re looking for an antivi khuẩn with good parental controls, look elsewhere.

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Device Encryption


ESET includes device encryption, which allows users khổng lồ encrypt data on either their hard drive sầu or an external drive sầu. This prevents hackers from reading your data, even if they have physical access to lớn your device.

I had no problem setting up an encrypted drive sầu on my PC, which I used lớn securely store tax paperwork, medical forms, and the emergency access info for my password manager.


ESET’s Device Encryption is a useful feature, but many Windows 10 machines already have device encryption features that work just as well.However, if you’re a Mac or Linux user looking for a convenient encryption feature that’s bundled with your antivi khuẩn, ESET’s device encryption is worth checking out.

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ESET Plans & Pricing

ESET offers three different pricing plans: ESET NOD32 Antivi khuẩn is thecheapest, but it doesn’t have sầu many features, while I think ESET’s top-tier Smart Security Premiumplan is too expensive sầu. However, ESET’s Internet Security plan provides the best balance of security features và value.

All of ESET’s plans cover a single device, with a small added fee for each additional device. This makes ESET a pretty bad option for large groups or families that are looking khổng lồ giới thiệu an mạng internet security plan. But users with 2 or 3 devices can still get affordable antivirut coverage.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

NOD32 Antivirusisn’t the catchiest name for an antivirut package, but the origin story is pretty interesting — it’s a Slovakian acronym for “Hospital at the End of the Disk”, which is a pun based on a popular Czechoslovakian TV show that aired in the early 90s.

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NOD32 Antivirusis ESET’s most basic antivirut package,offering anti-malware scanning, ransomware detection, anti-phishing protections, & a gaming mode. It works for Windows, Mac, Android, và Linux devices.

NOD32 Antivirus is good for individual users looking for a very simple, low-cost antivirut, but there are competitors that provide more in their basic packages, lượt thích Avira.

But if you’re looking for a lightweight antivi khuẩn scanner that will provide 100% protection for your device without slowing your system down, NOD32 Antivirus is a great choice. And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it for yourself & decide if it’s right for you.

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ESET Internet Security

ESET’s Internet Securityis my favorite plan. It offers a good variety of features for a good value.

ESET Internet Security includes:

Anti-malware engine.Web protection. Secure browser. Webcam protection. Network security tools.Parental controls.Anti-theft.

Some of the features in ESET Internet Securityare not that good — in my opinion, the parental controls & secure browser aren’t really worth setting up.But the web protection, network security tools, và anti-theft features all make this a high-chất lượng, low-cost antivirus program. It doesn’t have the VPN, identity theft protections, or robust parental controls of competitors lượt thích Norton 360,but ESET is quite a bit cheaper than many other full-suite antiviruses.

Internet Securityis the best value of any ESET plan and should provide enough protection for most users.

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ESET Smart Security Premium

ESETSmart Security Premiumoffers everything included in theInternet Securitypackage, plus a couple of extra features — a password manager and device encryption.

The password manager is decent — it accurately performs password recall & auto-fills stored logins. However, it doesn’t have the vault auditing tools, password sharing, or breach monitoring thatthe best standalone password managersoffer.

Device encryption is ESET’s other premium feature — but, like the password manager, it isn’t a good value when compared to other products on the market.Most Windows 10 PCs nowadays come bundled with data encryption which works just as well as ESET’s encryption feature.

However, if you’re not especially tech-savvy, Smart Security Premiummakes it easy lớn access all of these security features in one location.

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ESET Ease of Use & Setup

ESET’s user interface is laid out simply, with features listed in a thực đơn on the left. Whichever feature you select is then displayed in the middle of the dashboard. The layout is bright & simple, with a lot of easily accessible options, và it also features this highly advanced-looking robot in the trang chủ screen which warns away potential hackers!


ESET’s malware scanner is phối up khổng lồ run automatically for most users, although there are a ton of options for customization.


I went into lớn theComputer Protectionwindow to lớn make sure the real-time scanner was running khổng lồ my specifications.


The real-time scanner has a lot of options! Advanced users will really appreciate being able to lớn adjust these settings — but average users will just be happy lớn know that ESET is scanning their whole system in real time.


I didn’t kết thúc up adjusting the real-time scanner at all, but I lượt thích knowing that I can easily troubleshoot any problems.

I found ESET to lớn be a simple và intuitive sầu hàng hóa.Advanced users will have sầu no problem accessing the diagnostic tools and custom settings which are important for high-màn chơi security protection, while less tech-savvy people can just install ESET and rely on its mặc định settings.

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ESET sản phẩm điện thoại App


ESET’s sản phẩm điện thoại phầm mềm is really good, but it’s only available for Android users. It offers a lot of the key features that I expect khổng lồ see in an Android antivirus ứng dụng, such as:

Anti-theft protection. Detect location, kiểm tra browsing history & IPhường address, và take screenshots from your device lớn discover what it’s being used for.Malware scanning. Block Android-specific malware, ransomware, and spyware using a system scanner and real-time malware protections.Wi-Fi security. Scan Wi-Fi networks to lớn make sure you aren’t logging into unsecured or malicious public Wi-Fi designed to lớn steal your data.App monitoring. Make sure apps aren’t tracking your location, accessing your contacts, or using your camera without your permission.

In my testing, the malware scanner was able khổng lồ detect and block all of the malware I threw at it, including ransomware and spyware.I was also able lớn log into the online anti-theft dashboard & figure out my phone’s location in a matter of minutes.

The tiện ích also flagged suspicious apps that I had gotten from the Google Play Store, và identified public Wi-Fi networks where my data was vulnerable.

ESET’s Smartphone app is pretty good, but it doesn’t have sầu a couple of the features that make apps from competitors like TotalAV andNortona better choice.I’d like to see ESET offer a VPN lớn keep my Android’s internet access totally secure, & I’d lượt thích to lớn see the anti-theft dashboard include a way lớn sound an alarm or wipe data in case of theft.

Still, ESET’s di động ứng dụng is a low-cost option that provides protection for Android devices. It’s included with ESET Internet Securityfor a single device, & you can add more users for a small fee.

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ESET Customer Support

ESET offers phone tư vấn for billing và sales inquiries, as well as live chat for tech support from 6am-5pm PST. ESET also offers 24/7 email support, but I didn’t get most of my gmail inquiries answered until USA business hours.

All of their support is offered in English, French, và Spanish, which is a pretty good variety of languages. Competitors like Emsisoft & Cylance only offer customer support in English.

My gmail inquiry was met with a reply that was clearly copy-pasted, và it didn’t quite answer my question. I sent it after business hours và received my reply early the next morning. This is a pretty good response time, but I would have sầu liked my email lớn get a more personal response.

I had a good experience with the live sầu chat team. I was able khổng lồ ask several questions & learn a lot about the software by talking with an agent at ESET’s facility in San Diego, California.


ESET’s customer service is pretty good. They offer live sầu chat & gmail support in 3 languages, & I found their representatives lớn be well-informed (although a little bit prone to typos). I’d lượt thích it if ESET offered phone support for technical issues, likemost other antiviruses, but I was still impressed with ESET’s response times và technical expertise.

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Is ESET Worth the Price in 2021?

ESET performed really well in my antivi khuẩn tests — scoring a perfect 100% protection rating against all types of malware.Its antivi khuẩn engine uses advanced heuristics, machine learning, and cloud-based scanning to lớn effectively detect & eliminate the lademo malware threats without slowing down your computer.

The extra features that come bundled with ESET’s premium packages are ‘hit or miss’.The anti-theft protections, advanced diagnostics, firewall, và device encryption tools are all really well-made & easy to lớn use, but I wasn’t impressed with the secure browser, password manager, or parental controls.

ESET is already really well known in the IT community for its advanced diagnostic & scanning tools, which allow users to lớn analyze every aspect of their system. However, less tech-savvy users won’t get a lot out of these tools.I’d recommend users who are looking for a simple antivirus with good extra features to lớn go with something lượt thích Norton 360 or Avira Prime.

All that said, with a responsive tech tư vấn team, attractive sầu interface, và some decent mạng internet security tools, ESET is a good choice for anybody that needs chất lượng antivi khuẩn protection on a budget. ESET Internet Security, the middle-tier plan, provides a decent variety of security features for a good value, especially for users only looking khổng lồ cover 2 or 3 devices.

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ESET — Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESET safe?

Yes. ESET is one of the best anti-malware engines on the market today, offering a variety of powerful antivirus tools khổng lồ keep users from getting hacked.

The vi khuẩn scanner uses advanced heuristics and machine learning lớn detect encrypted malware and zero-day threats,& ESET also includes a “Host-Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)”, which blocks files based on suspicious behavior.

ESET has been protecting computers since 1992 — it’s been on the market longer than most competitors, and there are millions of users worldwide who rely on ESET’s security protections. It performed well in my testing, with a malware detection rate of 100%.

Is ESET free?

No. ESET doesn’t offer a không lấy phí version — và there honestly aren’t very many free antivi khuẩn programs that I would recommover. When it comes lớn protecting essential devices like phones & computers, it makes sense khổng lồ invest a little bit of cash lớn get the best protection possible.

There are a few good free antiviruses for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS, but it’s always smarter khổng lồ go with a high-quality premium antivirut.

That said, ESET does offer a 30-day money-baông chồng guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it out.

What makes ESET different from other antivirus suites?

ESET is pretty similar to lớn most other antivirus programs on the market, although it’s lacking a few

of the premium features offered by competitors like Norton & McAfee.However,ESET does include some chất lượng features that help phối it apart from the rest of the antivirut packages on the market.

I really love sầu ESET’s advanced diagnostic tools, which are useful for IT professionals or other tech-savvy users. The SysInspector offers a complete snapshot of every single process, file, network connection, và driver on your computer. And the Running Processes feature works like a better Windows Task Manager, showing disk usage and CPU load for every process on your system, as well as cloud-based reputation ratings and developer information to help you figure out if you have sầu anything suspicious running on your system.

Which ESET plan is best for me?

Each ESET plan offers unique benefits, so it really depends on what you’re looking for from your antivirus software.

I think that ESET Internet Securityis the best plan for most users. This middle-tier option includes a good variety of features for a pretty low price, including network protections and anti-theft controls.

ESET NOD32 Antivi khuẩn is the cheapest plan — it only includes the anti-malware engine, which makes it a good choice for anybody that only wants a secure antivirut scanner at a good price.

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ESET’s top tier plan, Smart Security Premium, doesn’t offer enough extras to warrant an tăng cấp for most users.I like the device encryption feature, but the password manager doesn’t offer the password auditing, biometric login, breach monitoring, or password sharing options that make third-các buổi party password managers like Dashlanea better choice.

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