Hopeless romantic là gì

I (a hopeless romantic) strongly believe sầu that Love sầu is powerful and it can bring you magic.

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What is the meaning of “hopeless romantic”?

A hopeless romantic person believes in happy endings, they write & send love letters. No matter if love has brought them all sorts of trouble — but they never stop believing in love sầu.

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Urban Dictionary defines it perfectly:

This person is in love sầu with love.They believe sầu in fairy tales and love (but lives in real world).They’re not to lớn be confused as stalkers or creepy because that’s not what a hopeless romantic is.

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Remember your favorite love sầu songs?

Or the best poems?

Or the best romantic books?

These are proofs that there are many hopeless romantics out there.

How vị you really know that you’re a hopeless romantic?

Let’s look at 11 illustrations which show you some signs to figure out:

1. You find yourself daydreaming about your dream partner



2. You love long walks with your partner và cốt truyện stories



3. You find yourself smiling for no reason at all


4. You write poems, songs, and letters for him/her

5. At the moment when you meet you get tongue-tied và can’t speak

6. You sing for him/her even if you’re a terrible singer

7. Having a simple lunch/dinner together Is special khổng lồ You

8. You feel the day is more beautiful when you’re with him/her

9. You love sầu the imperfections of a person you love

10. You want lớn become the best version of yourself for the person you love

11. You feel your partner’s pain as their own và being willing khổng lồ sacrifice anything for him/her

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