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Kobo’s lakiểm tra ereader is a solid tăng cấp on its previous mã sản phẩm. It’s waterproof, it’s compact, it’s light – & did we mention it’s waterproof? The Aura H2O is definitely a contender in the ereader market, but is waterproofing enough lớn see off the Kindles?


This means that if you accidentally drop it in the swimming pool, it should still be okay even if you only realise 45 minutes later, và that’s a major draw if you’re the type of person who loves reading in the bath, or by the pool. It also means that if your Kobo gets covered in sand at the beach you can just wash it off.

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The charging port doesn’t have any kind of cover; we’re not entirely sure how it would react khổng lồ getting filled with salternative text from seawater, but presumably a rinse under some clean fresh water would clean the port out.

As day turns to night, the screen of the Aura H2O turns from a cool blue to a warmer orange hue. The reasoning behind this function is the same as for features such as Apple’s NightShift: blue light has a negative impact on sleep, so removing blue tones from screens before bedtime will help you sleep better.

While we didn’t notice any significant improvement to our sleep when using the H2O before bed, we didn’t notice any sleep disturbance either, which is probably the desired effect.

The only drawback with this feature is that at times the colored lighting felt artificial, & it could take some getting used to lớn if you’re used to reading on paper.

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That said, the ability lớn read in any lighting is a massive sầu benefit of backlit ereaders, & Aura H2O excels in this respect. The 6.8 inch e-ink display looks crisp & clear, even in bright direct sunlight.


Compact & easy to lớn hold in one handDimpled plastic on bachồng for grip

The design on the Kobo Aura H2O is reassuringly solid without being heavy. The shape và weight of the device mean you can easily hold it in one h&, making it the perfect companion to lớn take with you on public transport.

We did notice that after about an hour of reading one-handed it became a little tiring on the thumb, but that’s not the biggest inconvenience.

At 8.9milimet the Aura H2O is thicker than the Aura One (6.9mm), which isn’t surprising considering Kobo had a much larger body in which to spread the innards around with the One.

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Compared to its Amazon counterparts, the H2O is thinner than the Kindle PaperTrắng (9.1mm), but thicker than the Kindle Voyage (7.6mm).

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