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In other words, by altering serotonin terminal development, prenatal exposure alters events weeks downstream from the exposure.
The authors found that bao tay exposure without accompanying glucocorticoid release did not lead to lớn căng thẳng system abnormalities normally seen aao ước offspring exposed to lớn prenatal găng.
It may thus be possible to lớn prsự kiện schizophrenia in some genetically predisposed offspring through careful prenatal & perinatal monitoring & early intervention.
This suggests the possibility that prenatal factors interact with genetically determined liabilities in the epigenesis of schizophrenia.
These conjectures are proposed in lieu of specific information regarding the precise mechanisms linking prenatal, postpartum, & concurrent hormones và temperament và behavior regulation.
The odds of traditional religious women seeing a doctor for prenatal care are about 35% lower than their counterparts in the reference group.
There are several articles of the law focusing on prenatal diagnosis, including provisions for identifying high-risk people and administrative principles for health personnel and institutions.
However, it is important khổng lồ rethành viên that maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy has other consequences in addition to prenatal nicotine exposure.
While the primary independent variable in this study was prenatal ức chế, all of the subjects were peer reared to lớn avoid differential maternal treatment.
These included maternal race, age, gravida, number of prenatal care visits, và type of medical insurance.
Presently, little is known concerning the impact that maternal depression during the prenatal and early postpartum period has on fetal neurobiological and psychological development.

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Thus, other mechanisms of transmission must be considered, including prenatal exposure khổng lồ maternal depression which may be associated with a lessthan-optimal intrauterine environment.
Released from its own taint, prenatal testing could more effectively facilitate women"s reproductive sầu freedom and the many important ways that freedom ramifies through women"s lives.
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