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A particularly sensitive sầu issue concerns the registration of voters and the respective roles of the electoral commission & the interior ministry.
Townsmen were supposed khổng lồ be able khổng lồ purchase these goods for a reasonable price in the respective parts of the country.
The counselors were trained on completing a range of assessment measures based on their observations and interactions with the children in their respective groups.
The non-verbal aspects of human behaviour & the non-sonic aspects of musical behaviour are largely non-formalised within their respective disciplines.
Interestingly, on three inflorescences that had no open flower on the respective night we recorded one, four & three bat visits.
Each life form in a tropical montane forest can exhibit respective leaf characteristics reflecting adaptation lớn the environment.
Note: dots vì chưng not indicate the precise location where the pest was initially recorded or its present area of distribution within the respective countries.
Coal & natural gas prices are determined by the supply elasticities of their respective resource bases.
According to the peace accord, militia members should be able khổng lồ keep the rank they received within their respective armed group within the integrated forces.
It is easy to lớn see that sequential composition of synchronous & output delayed functions yields functions of the same respective class.
But this did not change the relative profitability of the treatments: sole maize fertilized and unfertilized remained more profitable than the respective legume intercrops.
The experimental treatments comprised all combinations of the maize and peas cultivars & their respective sole crops, giving eight treatments.

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All interviews were conducted by clinical interviewers who were blind to lớn the diagnostic status of the respective respondents.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi vì not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.

If a country has a không lấy phí press, its newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations are able khổng lồ express any opinions they want, even if these criticize the government & other organizations.

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