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Runoff is also chemicals & animal excrement that flow inlớn rivers và lakes & pollute the environment:
However, by reducing the potential for surface runoff loss, the release of nitrogen available for plant use is also delayed.
No permanent streams traverse the area, although numerous barrancas carry runoff from seasonal showers.
The advantages of these systems include relatively high runoff efficiencies & a relatively low risk of soil erosion.
Windstorms that cause tree uprooting on particularly unsteady soils as well as periodic strong runoffs contribute to create or maintain a local hummock-hollow topography.
These are three-sided storages; the fourth side on the higher gradient is left open for runoff water to enter.
More porous, less compacted soil structures on the rotation and no-till farms may also play a role in reducing runoff volume.
The conservation of trees prevents a reapportionment from groundwater recharge lớn runoff that would otherwise occur.
A practical method for estimating the impact of land-use change on surface runoff, groundwater recharge & wetl& hydrology.
The ice barrier, which was left in place until the completion of excavation, prevented any runoff from introducing sediments from the excavation into the river.
Our results, indicating higher runoff in exclusively row-cropped, conventionally tilled agricultural fields, are consistent with those of other investigators.
Based on field observations, infiltration pits must be sufficiently low khổng lồ collect all runoff, especially for those rainfall events with high amount and/or intensity.

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There is also some evidence that the alteration to lớn runoff và infiltration by termites affects large scale water movements and associations with groundwater.
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a circular or oval area of ground around which rows of seats are arranged on a steep slope, for watching plays, sports, etc. outside

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