Sao chép chiến dịch sang tài khoản khác

The copy ad chiến dịch feature in Google Ads will save you a lot of time, especially when having to lớn deploy multiple campaigns across multiple accounts at the same time for 1 customer. We vày not need khổng lồ sit hard to create new campaigns và ads anymore, please follow this article.

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Introducing copying in Google Ads

What can you copy in your Google Ads account? You can copy campaigns, ad groups, ad templates, từ khoá, placements, & themes in your ad trương mục.

Can you copy campaigns & ads lớn another account? Yes, you can copy your campaigns and ads across multiple accounts using Google Ads Editor.

How many ways are there for Google Ads campaign và ad copy? Have sầu 2 ways. Option 1 is that you copy the ad campaign directly on the web interface, but only copy within that tài khoản. Method 2 is to use Google Ads Editor software, you can copy through many other accounts or internally.

What khổng lồ note when posting a copied ad campaign? If you are posting the same campaign they can compete with each other, edit the trang đích & target before posting the copied campaign. You should also choose campaigns that have well optimized the settings for copying, for example, with GDN you exclude all apps from GDoanh Nghiệp ads & then copy this campaign next time to save time.

Rules when copying Google Ads ad templates? You are only allowed to lớn copy the ad to lớn its correct chiến dịch type. For example, display ads are only copied lớn display campaigns. But the one exception is that you copy the tìm kiếm ad into your display campaign và it will display plain text.

Video instructions for copying Google Ads ad campaigns

How to lớn copy an ad campaign with Google Ads Editor

Download the Google Ads Editor software & install it on your computer. Then open the software and follow the instructions to copy the campaign or ad in Google Ads.

Download directly from Google

Post new copied campaign updates

You can also copy campaign / group / ad within 1 tài khoản. Rethành viên, after being copied, the campaign name must be revised before it can be updated.

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Copy Google Ads ad chiến dịch on the web interface

On the web interface, we can only copy the ad campaign within that Google Ads trương mục. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: xuất hiện your Google Ads account, navigate lớn Campaigns / Ad groups / Ads depending on your copy purpose. Then select the item lớn copy and then click Edit, a small window appears, choose High copy, you can press also.

Step 2: Paste the copied campaign / group / ad according lớn this rule. On the left there are 2 columns, I temporarily put it as column A và column B.

Paste campaign: Select Campaigns in column B.Paste group: Select the chiến dịch in column A, select the ad group in column B.Paste ad: Select campaign and group in column A, choose Ads in column B.

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Please see more articles on Google Ads instructions, here are many new powerful things waiting for you to discover. If you have questions, please leave a phản hồi below.

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