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source /sɔ:s/ danh từ nguồn sông, nguồi suối nguồn, nguồn gốcreliable source of information: mối cung cấp tin tức xứng đáng tin cậyidleness is the source of all evil thong thả cư vi bất tiện
o nguồn năng lượng o nguồn, nguồn sông § source of energy : nguồn năng lượng § source of sediments : nguồn trầm tích § source operator crew : đội tạo nguồn § source productivity index : chỉ số sản lượng § source rock : đá mẹ § source-bed : lớp đá mẹ, lớp đá gốc § sour-service trim : hệ hợp lưu huỳnh



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Từ điển Collocation

source noun

1 where you get sth from

ADJ. excellent, fertile, good, lucrative, reliable, rich, valuable a fertile source of ideas a lucrative source of income a rich source of vitamins | important, main, major, principal | cheap a cheap source of labour | external, foreign Do you have any foreign sources of income? | independent an independent source of funding | additional | alternative We need khổng lồ look for alternative sources of energy. | natural | renewable The village obtains all its energy from renewable sources. | energy, food, heat, light, power, water

VERB + SOURCE be, constitute, prove, provide The census constitutes the principal source of official statistics. These crustaceans provide a valuable food source for some fish. | exploit, tap, use (as) The government hopes lớn tap new sources of employment in the area of health. | locate We tried khổng lồ locate the source of the sound.

PREP. at ~ Under the PAYE system, employees" income is taxed at source (= by the employer). | ~ of a reliable source of advice

PHRASES a variety of sources The research was funded from a wide variety of sources.

2 person, book, etc. That gives information

ADJ. invaluable, useful, valuable | authoritative, informed, reliable, reputable | unreliable | original | independent | anonymous | primary, secondary | published | biographical, documentary, historical, literary, written | diplomatic, government, intelligence, military, official, police Intelligence sources report a build-up of troops just inside the border. | data, information

VERB + SOURCE use (as) | cite, quote Researchers try lớn quote primary sources wherever possible. | disclose, name, reveal The police refused to lớn reveal the source of their information.

SOURCE + VERB claim sth, describe sth, disclose sth, indicate sth, report sth, reveal sth, say sth, suggest sth Government sources indicated that a compromise might be reached. One source said: ‘Our blood is up. We are angry at the way we have been treated.’ | deny sth

SOURCE + NOUN material

PREP. according to lớn ~s According lớn informed sources, a takeover bid is planned for next month. | ~ of

PHRASES sources close to sb Sources close khổng lồ the player claim he won"t be entering this year"s championship.

Từ điển WordNet


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a document (or organization) from which information is obtained

the reporter had two sources for the story

a facility where something is available(technology) a process by which energy or a substance enters a system

a heat source

a source of carbon dioxide


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get (a product) from another country or business

She sourced a supply of carpet

They are sourcing from smaller companies

specify the origin of

The writer carefully sourced her report

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. In information processing, a disk, file, document, or other collection of information from which data is taken or moved. Compare destination. 2. In a FET, the electrode toward which charge carriers (electrons or holes) move from the source under control of the gate. See also CMOS (definition 1), drain (definition 1), FET, gate (definition 2), MOSFET, NMOS, PMOS.

Oil & Gas Field Glossary

The origin of radiation such as an x-ray tube or radioisotope.

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

sourcessyn.: beginning derivation origin root