The company has begun to challenge the supremacy of the current leading manufacturers in the textiles industry.

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There were asymmetrical haircuts, androgynous costumes, synthesizers challenging guitar supremacy, all-but-open queerness, arty pretension, as well as macho posturing.
In fact, the strategic complexities of the world in the 21st century make such supremacy unattainable.
But the cockiness of our armchair supremacy has given rise lớn an ugly, potentially lethal epidemic of irony.
Americans believe their ideas are universal -- the supremacy of the individual và free, unfettered expression.
This framework was not perfect, but it nonetheless has provided the best possible way to lớn balance the twin goals of military effectiveness & civilian supremacy.
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said when you recognize that you should not risk losing something you already have by trying khổng lồ get something you think might be better

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