Top 10 ứng dụng hát karaoke trên điện thoại hay nhất

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Everyone"s still using Zoom, one of the best Clip chat apps, while they"re continuing khổng lồ stay at trang chủ during the pandemic. Many of them are using the program for work meetings or personal calls with friends và family, but it"s easy enough to adapt Zoom for karaoke purposes.

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Zoom is a great way khổng lồ get a group of people together in a Clip conference & many people prefer it over various Zoom alternatives since you can see everyone in gallery view (up to 49 participants in one screen). The Brady Bunch-lượt thích grid format is perfect for a virtual karaoke session, since you can see singers as well audience members at the same time. Just be sure khổng lồ remind people to lớn mute when there"s loud background noise.

Here"s our guide khổng lồ Zoom karaoke.

How to bởi vì Karaoke on Zoom with Watch2Gether: Create rooms

The first thing you need lớn do is tải về the Zoom desktop client for Mac or Windows. Then, phối up a Zoom meeting & save sầu the link for later.

(NOTE: Free Zoom meetings have sầu a time limit of 40 minutes for three or more participants. Chechồng out their nâng cấp plans & pricing.)

The second thing you need lớn bởi vì is mix up a room on Watch2Gether. What is Watch2Gether? It is a không tính phí social video website that allows you khổng lồ watch videos and other contentin syncwith others. This way, everytoàn thân in your karaoke group can watch the same YouTube or Vimeo lyric videos at the same time.

Create a Watch2Gether room and save sầu the links for later.

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(NOTE: Watch2Gether rooms are temporary, & get deleted after 24 hours. To save sầu a room, all you need to lớn vì is sign up for a không tính tiền Watch2Gether account.)

How to lớn vị Karaoke on Zoom: Invite friends

Skết thúc a karaoke các buổi tiệc nhỏ invite lớn your friends. Ideally, this invite should include instructions on using Zoom and Watch2Gether. Here are the steps I sent khổng lồ my group:

Join this Zoom Meeting (so we can see and hear each other): <Zoom meeting link>Join this Watch2Gether Room (so we can watch the same karaoke videos at the same time): <Watch2Gether room link>At the top of the Watch2Gether room is a tìm kiếm bar. Type in your tuy nhiên title và select one of the results that populate below the playback window. Add it khổng lồ the queue by clicking the + symbol.When your tuy vậy comes up, sing!

How to lớn bởi Karaoke on Zoom: Tips và tricks

Having done Zoom karaoke with my own friends, I can offer some tips on how khổng lồ make the event run a little smoother.

When you join the Watch2Gether room, make sure khổng lồ update your name on your icon (the left-most one in the menu at the bottom of the screen). The room keeps track of who does what.Make sure to lớn turn both your computer"s volume and the Watch2Gether playbachồng video"s volume all the way up.The singer (or the primary singer if it"s a group number) should be the only person who has the audio on for the Watch2Gether playbaông xã video clip. Everyone else should mute the Clip. This helps if playbaông xã is slightly off-sync for different people.Try searching the tuy vậy title plus the word "karaoke" khổng lồ find the best lyric videos (example: "Sweet Caroline karaoke").When you are selecting a tìm kiếm result, make sure to lớn click the + sign & not the thumbnail, or your video clip will immediately play. (Jumping the queue is bad karaoke etiquette.)The host should take charge of managing the queue & making sure everyone gets a turn before singing again.

Otherwise, treat Zoom karaoke as you would regular, in-person karaoke. Sing duets and group numbers. Add in sound effects with tambourines, shakers, bongos or other instruments you have around the house. Try themed rounds based on genres ("90s boy bands, country, yacht rock) or titles (songs with names, numbers, colors, etc.).

And sing your heart out.

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Other Zoom applications

With more people using Zoom than ever before, we"ve put together a general how lớn use Zoom guide, và more specific step-by-step guides on how to set up a Zoom meeting, how to join a Zoom meeting, how khổng lồ see everyone on Zoom, how to giới thiệu your screen on Zoom & how to chat on Zoom. And, if you want to phối things up, you can also learn how to change your Zoom background so you look as if you"re on a tropical beach or in outer space.

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