Timekeeper là gì

There"s no point in having a clock which looks attractive if it isn"t a good timekeeper (= if it doesn"t show the correct time).

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a person who records the amount of time that people taking part in a race or competition take lớn finish the race or competition, or the amount of time that people at work spover working on their jobs

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Unless a đoạn Clip backup system is used, it may be necessary khổng lồ use the full complement of timekeepers even when automatic officiating equipment is used.
They also receive sầu và use time signals from the satellites, which make them essentially perfectly accurate timekeepers, even over long periods of time.
The finished project provided excellent player (& umpire) facilities, as well as under cover viewing and seating for supporters, timekeepers & catering volunteers.
Pendulum clocks were more than simply utilitarian timekeepers; they were status symbols that expressed the wealth and culture of their owners.
The timekeepers are generally 24 khổng lồ 30 inches tall, although there are examplaries where the column is as short as a couple inches.
A cadre of volunteers consisting of coaches, sports masters & others served as timekeepers, starters, referees và other meet officials.
He started an independent watchmaking business in 2002, building a limited number of handmade timekeepers.
Time is kept by two off-field officials, known as timekeepers, who sound the siren at the start và over of each quarter.
The title of official also applies lớn the scorers & timekeepers, as well as other personnel that have sầu an active sầu task in maintaining the game.

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